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Every vision starts from an idea, and every idea that becomes a reality means it’s a success. That is the story of MeubleDecor. With the 5 stories showroom, the vast collection of furniture & accessories, and our reputation as pioneers in our field, MeubleDecor has long been the leading in the furniture sales industry in Lebanon. We aim to work harder in order to improve and remain true to our legacy of success, client satisfaction, and credibility.

Our philosophy summarized in three words: Comfort, Credibility, and Service.
Comfort in every item that our clients will buy; sofas, beds, tables, chairs, accessories, objects etc… Our goal is to provide comfort for the client from all aspects, from the luxurious visual beauty to the comfort of usage & consumption. Part of our comfort philosophy is making it easier for our clients to purchase through extensive installed payment methods and regular discounts. For us, comfort is not only in using the goods, but also in purchasing them!
Credibility is with our clients in all aspects, from giving them what they need; regardless of the material value and gain, to helping them throughout the maintenance, warranty, and post-purchase processes.

Service, vary from delivering to any location across Lebanon, providing automatic maintenance warranty on all of our goods, to a tight client servicing system. We are also delighted to provide our clients with our free interior design service, through which our expert designers will help in any changes and redecorations that our clients may need for any piece of furniture they might want to purchase.
Our goal is your comfort, to add beauty to your home, and to give you the power to enjoy that beauty every day of your life!

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